Bullhook Partners with Slayback for Telemedicine!

Bullhook partners with Slayback Health in providing telemedicine services to its patient population. Bullhook's patients will now be able to consult with a primary care physician as well as an Endocrinologist right here at the clinic. In addition, patients can also avail the services of a Nutritionist via telemedicine. This partnership will help Bullhook in providing superior care to its patients and to fulfill its mission to provide complete healthcare to its patients.

Telemedicine represents a fundamental change in the way healthcare services are delivered and is rapidly gaining ground in the United States. Telemedicine is the exchange of diagnostic medical information and non-procedural clinical services by connecting patients and providers, or providers and providers, through interactive digital communications.

Telemedicine utilizes live, two-way tele-consultations, web portals, store-and-forward transmissions, digital diagnostic tools, remote patient monitoring services, emails and other forms of telecommunications.

The demonstrated clinical efficacy, quality care and healthcare cost reductions of telemedicine can be delivered safely, securely and effectively from across the street or across the country.

In addition to the growing shortage of primary care and specialist physicians, there are other drivers powering the growth of telemedicine such as the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions, the aging of the baby boomers and an imperative to reign in the spiraling cost of care.

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