Medicaid Health Improvement Program


Our team of Health Improvement Care Managers provides complete coordination for passport to Health-Medicaid Patients in Hill, Glacier, Pondera, Toole, Liberty and Choteau counties. Our care managers provide health education and offer the tools necessary to slow the progression of disease complications. Health assessments and reminders for necessary labs, preventative test and appointments are provided through the Health Improvement Program as well. The care managers are a central point of contact to each patient’s health needs; provides specialty referrals, assistance with Medicaid transportation, behavioral health needs, dental needs and housing/financial needs. Certified as Chronic Care Professionals, our team is particularly trained in the identification of health care needs and implementation of personalized goals. Our team is here to improve the patient’s quality of life and slow the progression of chronic disease.

What kind of services do our care managers provide?

  • Routine Follow-ups: monitoring and assessing patients at regular intervals.
  • Care Coordination: helping to integrate care when patients need services from other providers, institutions or agencies.
  • Self-Management Support: empowering patients to set personal goals through counseling and health education. Our team will develop action plans to more effectively help patient self-manage their health and illness.
  • Emotional Support: monitoring patient’s psychosocial state of mind. Our care manager will recommend appropriate mental health or supportive interventions when necessary.
  • Provide pre-and post-hospital discharge planning.
  • Medication Management: performing medication reconciliation, evaluating medications adherence, effectiveness and toxicity.

If you have a Passport to Health through Medicaid, please call 406-395-4305 today to schedule an appointment with one of our MHIP Care Mangers!