Dr. Sweeten’s Last Day at the Clinic

Today's is Dr. Sweeten's last day at Bullhook. Although we are sad to see him go, we are excited for what the future has in store for him. 

Dr. Sweeten leaves us with the following goodbye: 

ColtSweetenDr. Sweeten has completed his service at Bullhook CHC and is relocating to Idaho to work in a private practice closer to family.  He and his family have enjoyed their time here in Havre and want to thank the members of the community for making Havre what it is.  Dr. Sweeten would also like to thank each of his patients at Bullhook for the time he has had to serve them as their primary dentist.  He is grateful for the friendships he has made, and hopes he has made a difference to those whom he has served.  Dr. Sweeten is grateful he was able to say goodbye to many of his patients and apologizes to those he did not have the opportunity to bid farewell.  He wishes each of them the very best in their lives and with their oral health moving forward!  The remaining staff with Bullhook Dental will continue to provide the very best care possible for all of Dr. Sweeten’s patients going forward.

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