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Our Financial Resources Center is located at 521 4th Street

Tel: 406-395-4305
Fax: 406-395-5643
Hours: 8:00 a.m. To 5:00 p.m.

Our Community Health Center is funded in part by federal grant dollars, patient income and donations. Because we are federally funded, we are able to offer medical and dental care to our community on a Sliding Fee Scale, making access to excellent health care possible for every family on the Hi-Line. We also have a voucher system that may be used to offset some healthcare costs.

We do accept most major insurances as well as Medicaid. To find out if we accept your insurance, please call us today!

What is a Sliding Fee?

As a federally funded Community Health Center, we are in a position to offer medical and dental services on a sliding fee scale. This means that the portion you pay for your healthcare will depend on your financial resources and ability to pay, as determined by our Sliding Fee Scale Application. Please take a moment to read our Sliding Fee Scale FAQs, here which provides information on how we develop the actual fee slide and the requirements for applying.

Even patients on a Sliding Fee Scale must pay their medical co-payment of $20.00 and their dental co-payment of $50.00 at time of service. If you are unable to pay your entire co-payment at the time of service, you will be required to complete a Payment Plan that outlines how you will satisfy your obligation.

For patients with a balance, the Payment Plan is also an option that will allow you to avoid the collections process and remain in good standing.

Please remember - without your continued support, we will be unable to provide this much-needed service for our community, please do your part by Paying your Bill! We offer online payment options for your convenience, or you can stop by any of our locations and make your payment.

Do you Accept Insurance?

Yes! We accept most major insurances, Medicaid, and CHIP. Please call us today for details on your policy's coverage at our facilities.


Due to the generosity of People's Law we *may* be able to offer voucher assistance for patients who meet the following minimum qualifications:

1. You need prescription, non-prescription medications, transportation, vision, dental, specialty referrals, or dental assistance; and
2. Your account is in good standing; and
3. You are able to pay some portion of your total fee; and
4. There are funds available.

* The People's Law grant does have some limitations, so please speak with our office staff to determine your eligibility.

Who Do I Call if I Have Questions About My Bill?

Please call our financial office at 406-395-4305

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