I wanted to say how much I appreciate attending the Circle of Security Provider Training Course in Vancouver, British Columbia. I fully understand not only the financial investment you have made for me to attend this training, but also the investment you have made in me as an employee of Bullhook Community Health Center. I think back to when I initially submitted my resume to Bullhook for a program that did not exist, but welcomed the idea of an in-home services program. Since that day, you have provided me with training opportunities in both SafeCare and Circle Of Security as well as many available webinars. Circle of Security and SafeCare are two of the most vital programs pertinent to my positional duties. Without hesitation, you asked what I needed to be successful and have been more than accommodating to those needs. More so than any other employer I have ever had. I personally take this to heart. To have an employer who supports and believes in me to do the best job I can for them and our community, as well as giving me the tools necessary to make that possible is the best feeling I've ever had in my professional life! Words can never express my full gratitude to you three for this opportunity. Instead, I will prove my worth through my work with the families I am assigned to generate the revenue available to prove I am a sound investment and a vital asset to Bullhook Community Health Center. Thank you again for your continued support and allowing me to be a positive ambassador for Bullhook. 


Jake S Family Behavioral Health Specialist