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Private Information

Bullhook Community Health Center (BCHC) provides medical services, dental services, and behavioral health services.   BCHC has records related to the above services that include your health care information.  This may include name, date of birth, contact information, identifiable number for insurance billing and services received.  Federal Law permits this information to be shared among personnel and parties that need that information to provide these services to you.  These services may include, but are not limited to, billing of insured patients, scheduling appointments, coordinating immunizations, and facilitating enrollment in other programs.  This notice is to inform you of what and how information is shared. 

Where and how is information stored?  All personal and medical information is retained in electronic form at BCHC.  Immunizations are electronically recorded and retained in the Montana Public Health Data System when applicable.  Information pertaining to insurance claims is both hard copy and electronically recorded in various insurance claims filing software.

Who sees and shares my medical information? Our office sends claims to insurance companies or government programs for payment of medical, dental, and behavioral health services.  Those claims contain all the information about the services you were provided and information they need to process the claim, such as name, date of birth, address, policy number or other identifiable numbers. In the event a patient pays in full for a service out of pocket, the patient now has a right to request BCHC not to disclose treatment information for this service to a health plan. Immunization information is shared with all parties who have provided you or your child vaccinations to prevent too many or too few vaccinations being given and to provide for a consolidated vaccine record.  We may also use your health and demographic information to contact you about appointment reminders, services due or treatment options available to you.  We only share the minimum information that is needed. 

May I see my health information? Yes, you have access to your personal records unless it is part of a legal case, or if your healthcare provider decides it would be harmful for you to see the information. An electronic copy of your health records can be made available. Patients can access their health records through the patient portal.

What if my health information needs to go to another location?  You will be asked to sign an Authorization for Disclosure of Individual Health Information allowing your health information to be sent to another location.  This would be used if your healthcare provider provides it to another location or if you request that BCHC send it to another individual or healthcare provider for you.  This form gives the name and address that we are to send your healthcare information you wish to be provided.

Note:  If you are under the age of 18 your parents or guardians will be required to sign an Authorization for Disclosure of Individual Health Information for you, unless by law, you are able to consent for your own healthcare.  If you are, then it will not be shared with them unless you sign an authorization form.

Could my information be released without my authorization? We adhere to laws that provide specific instances when health information must be shared, even if you do not sign an Authorization for Disclosure of Individual Health Information.  We always report:

  1. Communicable diseases that are required by Montana Law
  2. Reactions and problems with medications
  3. To law enforcement when required by law or court order
  4. To the government for audits and review of services provided
  5. To a provider or insurance company to verify enrollment in one of our services provided
  6. To Workers’ Compensation for work related injuries
  7. Birth, death, and immunization information
  8. To the federal government if required to investigate any matter pertaining to the protection of our country, the President or other government workers.

May I have a Copy of this Notice?  This Notice is yours.  If the information changes, you will be provided a copy of the updated Notice of Privacy Practices.  If you have questions concerning this Notice, please ask the individual providing it.  You may contact Bullhook Community Health Center If you have further questions or concerns at 406-395-4305.

Contacting Us
If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information below.

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